Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heckler Interrupts Romney with Question on Climate Change . . . . Watch What Happens

A fascinating video clip from earlier today at a Romney campaign stop where an audience member unfurls a banner and shouts: "What about climate change? That’s what caused this monster storm."
But that’s not the fascinating part. What occurred after is like something out of a Twilight Zone episode as the crowd begins chanting "USA, USA" – as if chanting “USA” is somehow the answer - or solution -- to the issue of climate change!
And then Romney, after a long pause, continues with his speech as if the issue never came up at all.
Truly a bizarre occurrence.
Watch it for yourself in this brief, 1-minute video clip:


  1. Amazing. "No Nothings" and proud of it. And that sick grin on Romney is REALLY creepy.

  2. Ah, that's American exceptionalism, writ large. "USA, USA, USA." That's the fake patriot's retreat from any truth that may set a hazard for the lie that IS American exceptionalism.

  3. When you don't have an answer, chant.

  4. I can honestly understand why someone would vote for a Chris Christie...but with all the lies, flip flops and general sleeziness that is Mitt Romney (what damning item is in his 2009 unreleased tax return), the only explanation I see for 50% of the American voters to choose this etch-a-sketch candidate over a rather competent and honest President Obama is, I am ashamed to say, rascism.

    1. You're clearly underestimating the stupidity of the American voter (Not that I'm discounting racism being at play - it is, but so is stupidity).

  5. Sadly, this is exactly the way hitler got his start....