Sunday, February 28, 2016

Life under Bernie Sanders vs. life under Donald Trump

This is What Your Tax Dollar Gets You
In a Bernie Sanders Society

8 Guaranteed full health care for all

8 A guaranteed state or community college education for everyone who is willing to apply themselves (resulting in a more educated and more globally competitive American workforce)

8 A livable minimum pay wage allowing every working American the ability to become self-sufficient

8 Rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure -- roads, bridges, dams, railways, power grids, and more -- creating 13 million good-paying jobs

8 Environmental stewardship including seriously addressing global warming

8 More fairness, equality and opportunity for all Americans

8 Better protection of our natural resources focusing on water pollution; air pollution; soil and chemical pollution

8 The end of politicians (and laws) that are bought and paid for by corporations, lobbyists and billionaires

8 A government whose job is to serve and protect Americans, not persecute them

8 Shoring up of the Social Security safety net and ensuring its viability for generations to come

8 More economic equality

8 Pursuit of policy, not politics

8 Freedom of religion and religious belief

8 A new focus on early childhood education

8 Paid sick leave

8 Paid family leave for parents of newborn children

8 Strict regulations on investments banks and related firms so taxpayers never again get stuck with footing the bill for wild, and irresponsible, Wall Street speculation
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By Contrast, This is What Your Tax Dollar Gets You
In a Donald Trump Society
M Authoritarianism

M Persecution of Americans based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, gender

M More costly wars and military actions and interventions

M Trade war with China

M Economic wars with everyone

M Mass deportation of people based on race, ethnicity and religion

M Religious intolerance

M Border walls

M More bullying, less diplomacy

M More pointing of fingers and passing of blame

M Less civility

M More economic inequality

M Distrust of each other

M No action on global warming

M Intolerance of opposing views