Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 Bills Republicans Have Blocked in 2010

By the time President Obama was sworn into office in January 2009, America was losing 600,000 jobs a month.  Within 6 months of passing the Economic Stimulus Bill (which was opposed by every single House Republican and all but 3 Senate Republicans), those job losses were reduced by two-thirds. 

That was a good start.

Yet, despite the marked improvement, Republicans continued to block dozens of job creation, business and economic development, and consumer protection bills right through September of 2010, stalling the recovery.

You have every right to ask why.  Did they want Obama to fail due to philosophical differences?  Or was it because, as the ones who were most responsible for the biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression, they knew that economic recovery credited to the Democrats would spell political devastation for the Republican Party for years to come?

Why did they choose to spend their time doing everything they could to make the President fail, instead of spending their time trying to make America succeed?

Whose side are they really on?

Here is a partial listing of journalistic news reports from (primarily) mainstream news sources of Bills the Republicans Have Blocked – or attempted to block -- during the past 20 months.  These are the actual article headlines.  I’ve provided several media links to confirm and verify the accuracy of each article.

It’s an eye-opener.


Republican obstructionism . . .  is based on the idea that the failure not just of President Obama but of American society itself is the G.O.P.’s quickest ticket back to power.
Bob Herbert   New York Times   9/10/2010

UPDATE: October 2012
Bob Cesca releases article on Huffington Post reiterating, and expanding upon, much of the above.

Republicans Block Bill to Aid Small Businesses

Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits Extension

Republicans Block Bank-Reform Bill

Republicans Block Campaign Disclosure Bill

Republicans Block Jobs Bill in Senate

GOP Blocks Transparency in Campaign Contributions

Republicans block bill ending tax breaks for US companies sending jobs offshore

Republicans Block Bill to Raise Oil Spill Liability Cap

Republicans Block Wall Street Reform Bill

GOP blocks Senate campaign-finance bill – again

Republicans Block Small Business Lending Bill

Republicans Block Repeal of Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

Senate Republicans Block Own Amendments on Health Care Bill

Republicans Block Energy Legislation…Yet Again

G.O.P. Blocks Debate on Financial Oversight Bill

Republicans Kill Measure That Created 240,000 Jobs

Senate Republicans block Dems' effort to pass mine safety bill

GOP Pledges to Block Immigration Reform

Republicans Block Democrats’ Efforts to Hold BP Accountable

Senate Republicans Block Two Bills to Spur Renewable Energy Investment

House Republicans Block Medical Help for 9/11 Heroes

GOP blocks small business bill. Who will get the blame?

GOP Blocks Financial Reform As Millions Lose Homes

GOP Blocks Small Biz Bill

Senate Republicans Kill Renewable Energy and Job Creation Bill

Republicans Block US Senate Committees From Holding Hearings

Senate Republicans Promise To Oppose Tax Cuts If Wealthy Aren't Included

Senate Republicans Kill Job-Creating Tax Cuts

GOP Blocks 20 Judicial Nominees

GOP Blocks Freeze on Credit Card Interest Rate Hikes

How Many Jobs Can Republicans Kill This Week?

Here’s one they’ve decided to support:

GOP has No Problem Extending Tax Cuts for the Rich

Is there any question where their allegiances really lay?