Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parting Shot

airplane banner reads:
         "Hey Mitt! Worried about us now? -- the 47%"


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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney Shrugged (an involuntary apology)


Was he lying then?

Or is he lying now?

In May, when Mitt Romney said to a roomful of his wealthiest donors that 47% of Americans saw themselves as “victims” and, as President, his job was “not to worry about those people” – was he lying to his donors then in order to get their money?

Or is he lying to us now in order to get our vote?

Why did it take Mitt Romney nearly 3 weeks after the video became public to apologize?  Was it because his poll numbers plunged precipitously as a result of his comments?  Was it because other Republicans were distancing themselves from him in order to save their own campaigns?

If Romney really felt he was wrong, why didn’t he apologize as soon as it became public instead of defending his extremely callous and disparaging comments for 3 weeks?

What does that 3-week delay say about Mitt Romney’s character?

More importantly, what does it say about what he truly believes?

Like an unscrupulous salesman, Romney seems to tell us whatever he thinks we want to hear, in order to seal the deal.

Here's what he said to his donors:

Here's what he told you and me:     

Which do you think is the real Mitt Romney?
Are you willing to risk America's future that you are right?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heckler Interrupts Romney with Question on Climate Change . . . . Watch What Happens

A fascinating video clip from earlier today at a Romney campaign stop where an audience member unfurls a banner and shouts: "What about climate change? That’s what caused this monster storm."
But that’s not the fascinating part. What occurred after is like something out of a Twilight Zone episode as the crowd begins chanting "USA, USA" – as if chanting “USA” is somehow the answer - or solution -- to the issue of climate change!
And then Romney, after a long pause, continues with his speech as if the issue never came up at all.
Truly a bizarre occurrence.
Watch it for yourself in this brief, 1-minute video clip: