Monday, November 1, 2010

60-Second Recap - 9 truths

1) America was already losing over 600,000 jobs per month, months before Obama became President
2) Despite those job loses, Republicans worked in lock-step to block the Stimulus Bill – with zero House Republicans and only 3 Senate Republicans voting for the Stimulus
3) Within 6 months of passage of the Stimulus Bill, monthly job losses decreased by over two-thirds
4) Despite that quick reversal, Republicans continued to oppose virtually every job creation bill, business development bill, and economic stimulus bill right though September 2010 – based, ostensibly, on “philosophical” issues*
5) The Recovery is not a philosophical issue – it is an economic one
6) As Republicans blocked bill . . . after bill . . . after bill – The Recovery began to lose steam
7) Republicans, as the ones most responsible for the economic crash, deliberately blocked The Recovery – knowing that economic recovery credited to the Democrats would spell political devastation for the Republican Party for years to come
8) If Republicans focused their efforts on making America succeed, instead of spending their time trying to make President Obama fail, Americans would be well on their way to an economic recovery by now
9) It’s been said that those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. You can vote to put those who tanked our economy and blocked The Recovery back in charge . . . or you can entrust it to those who tried to speed The Recovery and help tens of millions of Americans regain their independence and dignity
But you've got less than 24 hours to decide.
*Here’s a link to 31 Bills Republicans Blocked in 2010: